Thursday, September 1, 2011

my only spot of spring colour...

It is the first day of spring here in Australia and in a season when a garden should be filled with colour and looking beautiful, mine has never looked worse! With plans almost finalised for our house extension, and some major landscaping in the works, we have been ignoring the garden for the last 6 months.

We had some very tall trees in our front and back gardens, and were advised by an arborist to remove them as they were in danger of falling on either our house - or our next door neighbour's - in the next big storm (apparently years of drought and then heavy rains are not good for trees). We felt terrible cutting down such established trees but it just wasn't worth the risk. So we have sawdust everywhere from the stump grinding of the trees, large palm branches taken from around the pool area are all over our patch of grass waiting to go in a skip, and weeds that have grown almost as high as the fence are taking over all the planting beds. Certainly not a pretty spring garden.

I was feeling a bit depressed this morning at not being able to improve things until we get the garden levels right so I popped into the garden centre to buy myself something pretty to put on our deck. These double impatiens (impatiens walleriana) look just right in this old wheelbarrow I bought from an op shop a couple of years ago. At least I now have a spot of spring colour to enjoy in my gorgeous chairs from Cape Cod Designs.


A-M said...

Look at your gorgeous chairs. I see you have removed the back cushions. I have too. I love your cushions. And I love the little spot of garden colour you have. I am on a par. I have some lavender in my kitchen. That's it! Happy Spring Clare! A-M xx

loulou said...

Hi Clare

just gorgeous! Don't be underwhelmed I think you have achieved more than a lot of us (guilty here!)

It looks so pretty your "spot" so enjoy.

I wish I had me one of those chairs!!!

have a lovely day


PS Clare - I am not sure if you received it but I emailed you direct the other day about something - it may have gone to spam as I didn't hear back from you.

Porchlight Interiors said...

That is such a cute way to display your flowers for Spring...I'm just loving our garden right now! Happy Spring! Tracey xx

Anonymous said...

You and I have a lot in common. We are also working madly on our backyard as we wait for renovation plans to be completed. Our motivation is that we can't start the renos until we clear the backyard due to access issues. Would love to watch your progress and hope you have time to visit our blog and our home renovation story too. x

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