Thursday, May 26, 2011

through the door...

I love seeing glimpses of a room through a door. It invites me in and makes me want to see more of the room beyond. It is also a very forgiving way to view a room. When I see a photo of a entire room my mind focuses on the big things - the windows, the lighting, the floor coverings - all of which are vitally important to how a room looks, but aren't necessarily the things that make a room feel warm, comfortable or interesting. Somehow, when you see just a part of a room through an open door, it becomes more personal and less like a photo from a magazine or showroom.

This through-the-door-shot is of Joy's guest room, cleaned and ready for Mum and Dad to arrive on Saturday for a much too brief visit. Joy says it doesn't always look like this! Sometimes the bed holds piles of ironing ready for when there is a good show on TV. Other times it holds stacks of artworks or cards, ready to be taken to market or sent off to shops. But she likes it best when it is just like this - pristine, almost empty, a little tranquil escape from the everyday.

Over the next few weeks we will post more 'through the door' photos from around our homes... You never know what you might see!

Monday, May 23, 2011

a felt flower shop...

I love it when Joy tells me that she is going to make one of my children their birthday or Christmas present, because I know that it will be something extra special. She sent me through these photos of the gorgeous felt flower shop she has created for my little Jemima (who turned 4 over the weekend) and I think that she has excelled herself! She knows how much all my girls love to play shop and thought flowers might make a nice change from the food, books and shoes which often feature in their play. She crafted these flowers from felt, shaping the stems around drinking straws so that they don't collapse, and cut a variety of shaped petals and leaves to make different types of flowers. Joy let her daughter play with them as she was making them and ended up having to pack them away while her Sienna was sleeping as there were tears when Joy explained they weren't for her! Looks like she will be making some more...

Friday, May 20, 2011

a classic find...

I was very pleased to find this beautiful English cake tin in a spontaneous trip to an Op shop yesterday. I love the classic blue and white pattern (I think it is a bit of Mum coming out in me) and even the way it is slightly battered. It smells like fruit cake so it has obviously been well used! I'm not going to use it for biscuits or cake, but will probably put it on one of my shelves as part of a little vignette for a while, and then it may end up in my 'mondocherry room' storing all my spools of thread.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

more space party details...

Here are a few more photos from Harvey's space party we held on the weekend. We had such a wonderful time and I treid to find the time amongst all the activity to reflect on the fact that my little boy is five years old already. Boy, does time fly!

Clare's tip for the party was to prepare an activity to occupy the children as they wait for the rest of their friends to arrive (having six kids means that she has organised her fair share of parties). I highly recommend this as it solves the problem of children tearing through your house before the games begin. We started with a simple space robot craft activity which was surprisingly mess free as I had covered a bunch of boxes in silver foil beforehand (thank you Jaan and Kym for your help with this). The children assembled the robots with sticky tape and decorated them with star and spot stickers, googly eyes and some sparkly pipe cleaners. I found the mini cereal boxes made great bodies, sultana packets were perfect as heads and little packets of smarties and mini sultana packets worked for the arms and legs. Does anyone have a good recipe for sultana cake as I certainly have plenty of them in a large container in the kitchen!

As the children arrived we presented them with a special badge to wear around their necks. These were for the children to collect a different coloured star sticker for each mission (game) they completed. This saved me handing out individual prizes and avoided possible tears!

Our first game was a moon rock hunt around the garden. The moon rocks were made from scrunched up aluminium foil - super easy and a great job to do in front of the tv. We also used these moon rocks for a relay which consisted of two teams carrying the rocks with tongs from one end of the garden to the other.

I kept the food fairly simple - fairy bread and watermelon cut into star shapes with a cookie cutter, little chocolate crackle 'meteorites' etc. My husband always makes the birthday cakes in our family (yay!) and I think he did a fantastic job with this rocket cake.

After the food we had some quieter games with pass the parcel and pin the Harvey on the space rocket. Everyone happily left clutching their party bags shown in the previous post. A huge thank you to my wonderful friend, Elinor, who helped out with the party games and the general running of the afternoon.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

a space party...

I'm rushing around the house doing some last minute party preparation for my Harvey's 5th birthday party this afternoon. Being a Buzz Lightyear fanatic, he requested a space theme which has meant that all this week my house has been taken over by silver glitter and aluminium foil. More photos to come...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

new blossom artwork colours...

We are loving the new soft and subtle colours we've just finished in our blossom artwork range. Each one is unique and is created from hand-cut paper hearts, folded for a 3 dimensional effect. Joy will be taking these to the Mathilda's Markets in Malvern this coming Sunday and would love to see you there!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

orange, markets and mothers...

Orange is not a colour I often decorate with, but when I was given these beautiful orange roses as an early Mother's Day present, I thought I would get out a couple of our orange artworks to display with them. I was amazed about how much life the touch of orange brought into the room and how my eye was drawn to the display when I entered. I might have to add a spot of orange more often!

These artworks are just a couple of many that I am taking to the Boutique Markets tomorrow. The forecast is for a beautiful sunny day so bring your Mum along for a coffee and a browse, or pop by to purchase that last minute gift!

A very happy Mothers Day to all Mums - may your breakfast in bed not be too crumbly, may you not have to worry about dinners or dishes, and, most especially, may the hugs and kisses be many.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

look where my printer's tray has ended up...

As Lego has been at the top of my 11 and 12 year old sons' Christmas and birthday lists since they were little, they have built up quite a collection...a lot of which resides in large under-bed drawers. Anyone who has had to search for a particular piece of lego in a large pile knows that is as bad as searching for a needle in a haystack - maybe worse, as it is far noisier! The frustration of never being able to find their favourite Characters or matching weapons / accessories was a part of life until they recently came across my printer's tray in the broom cupboard.

I purchased the printer's tray for a bargain $5 on a wet and miserable morning at Camberwell Markets a few years ago. While it had a place in our other homes, since we moved here it has been drifting around the house, not quite fitting in anywhere. The boys have well and truly adopted it now though, and it makes a great home for some of their most played with Lego characters.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magnolia Square...

I have been meaning to get to the much acclaimed Magnolia Square Markets since I moved to Melbourne, but past markets seemed to coincide with weekends away, birthday parties or other events. This weekend I had it penciled in my calender and set aside a few hours this afternoon to browse child-free. I was totally inspired by the beautiful array of products on offer and the gorgeous displays. Of course, I couldn't leave without purchasing a few little treats...

Some sweet little shoes for my 3 year old by Chook Leaf. These shoes are just so soft and come in the most stunning array of colours. I ummed and ahhed about the yellow (knowing that my Sienna would have chosen pink for herself!) but I thought they look pretty special with the aqua trim.

I bought these three original illustration prints from Printspace. I just loved the muted colours and was so keen to get them straight on the wall that I stopped on the way home to buy some frames for them.

Lastly I bought this bunch of tiny toadstools... just because!

Hope you had a great weekend.