Thursday, April 26, 2012

Niki's house tour - part 2...

Time to show you some more from inside Niki's house - this time daughter Kayla's delightful and very personal bedroom. Nothing is too precious to be touched, used or played with, and everything has a wonderful story to tell.

Niki found the dollshouse on the side of the road and she and her daughter have had fun decorating it together.
Pretty cushions in favourite fabrics make for a comfortable bed.

Love the quilt Niki sewed using Liberty of London fabrics combined with vintage linens.

Niki's old Cabbage Patch Kid has survived the years to be handed down to her daughter. Vintage linens make pretty blankets.

Love this old chair with the handmade quilt and softie.

A mondocherry lampshade (coming to our website soon!) on an old desk found by Niki's friend Kelly on the side of the road. Pretty doily bunting too.

Niki searched for an old wooden box to paint up like an expensive antique she had once seen. To see what the box looked like before visit Niki's blog

So many gorgeous things - beautiful dress sewn by Kayla's Grandma on a driftwood hook, piles of old fabrics collected to use in free play (they make a great cubby, cape or dolly wrap), linen love embroidery hoop created by Niki, pretty bird hanging form the door handle gives a taste of what's inside, much loved soft toys dressed in hand knitted clothes by Grandma (one talented lady!), spray painted wire lampshade, close up of inside a room in the dollshouse, fabric play-stove with pretty button dials.

If you missed the first installment of Niki's beautiful home, read all about it here.

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