Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a colourful trip of a lifetime...

A few weeks ago we went trekking in Nepal. My husband was beside himself with excitement because to him the word 'holiday' is synonymous with 'walking steeply uphill' and he has wanted to see Everest forever. Living in Dubai is not the best training ground for walking at altitude but after pouring over different routes (I leave this planning  stage to him as he loves it) we decided to try a 10 day consecutive round walk in the Everest ranges with our chief objective being Ama Dablam base camp (only 4570m!). We also spent a couple of days in Kathmandu at the beginning and end.

It was an amazing time, and much to our immense satisfaction we managed to do everything we'd planned.
We took a small pocket sized camera each and when we got home to Dubai and downloaded our photos they were laughably different. G's were almost almost entirely stunning shots of mountains from every direction, some with clear blue skies in the morning and others draped in the eerie mist that came down most afternoons. He had a few of the paths we took and rope bridges but 90% mountains. Mine, on the other hand , were mostly wild flowers, birds, people, buildings and of course some of the gorgeous fabrics we saw. Here are a colourful selection...

A fabric shop in Kathmandu - I didn't buy anything but had such fun looking.

Some of the beautiful Nepali woven fabric that I saw everywhere - cushions in hotels rooms,  place mats in restaurants, hats worn by old (well, probably my age!) men.

A gorgeous, helpful and courteous girl from one of the stopover lodges.

The hotels in Kathmandu had such interesting furniture. The colours and design on this piece was just beautiful.
While Mum was selling flower garlands at the Hindu temple this little girl was playing games on a mobile phone - you can't escape technology no matter where you are in the world!

There were endless pashmina shops at the markets. I wish I had bought a Yak wool blanket from the same shop... there is always one item you should have bought but didn't when you take a trip isn't there?

We took some Pringles, muesli bars etc with us to Nepal in case we needed a snack, only to find exactly same products selling in tiny little stores (this cupboard was the entire shop) miles and miles from anywhere. 

Posing for photos at a Hindu temple in Kathmandu.


REread said...

Looks amazing, I'd love to go.

Osk and Oly's Mum said...

What stunning photos...I am guessing mine and my husbands pictures would like yours...I love taking shots of the local people, colourful market places and the like (I loved your shot of the little girl with the mobile phone, kids are just the same no matter where you go!)...his would be of mountains and scenery and things he's climbed...he just doesn't get it?? Nepal is definitely one of the top countries for me to go to one day!When the kiddies grow up of course.....looks like you had a ball anyway.
xx P xx

Jane said...

How wonderful! Magic photos, thanks so much for sharing. And yes it would be such a change from Dubai, which I visited a few weeks ago as a friend of mine is also living there - also an amazing place!

Anonymous said...

Sweet. A love it!!
Wonderful place, I want go for Nepal someday.

I shared your trip in my blog ->>

Beautiful pictures.


KatieE said...

Really beautiful photos. Looks like an amazing trip. Thankyou for sharing these and all the other wonderful things you all do, I love reading your blog. Can I ask what type of camera you used as for a small Pocket sizes camera, these are really great pics? Thanks, Katie :)