Monday, June 4, 2012

a very early spring clean...

Ok, so we have barely launched into winter here, but I am in the mood for some cleaning, clearing, de-cluttering and re- arranging. 

First stop my make-up drawer and dressing table.  Out went the out-of-date items, lipsticks the wrong colour, and face creams that make my skin feel yuk!

 Next stop my scarf and belt drawer which was a tangled mess. Now, much less scary!

No time for a cup of tea, I decided to tackle the paper work on the hall table.  I really can't stand greeting clutter when I walk through the door.  Some pretty flowers, a bowl for bits and bobs, and a scented candle.  So much nicer!

On the weekend I washed all our couch cushions, so back on the couch they go clean and plumped!

Ahh, my head feels clearer (even though I din't get quite as far as the ironing pile!) and I am ready to tackle some mondo work.  Happy Monday to you all x


Emily Intrepid said...

I just did a massive cleanout of my bathroom and makeup drawers too! Lovely photos :)

ally said...

Your decluttering has had beautiful results
I never get to the ironing pile!