Wednesday, July 11, 2012

it's the little things...

 It is always fun to rearrange furniture and give a room a brand new look, but sometimes it is the little things you do around the house that make everyday living a whole lot easier and more pleasant. Our everyday cutlery is a perfect example. Our rental kitchen has one of the smallest cutlery drawers I have ever seen and so it was always a total jumble of knives, forks and spoons after all 8 of us had rummaged throughout the day for the utensil we wanted. The drawer also fell right out if you pulled it too far and broken toes were almost inevitable at some point in the near future. So, one day I grabbed a bunch of the glass jugs I have collected up from second hand stores and sorted the cutlery between them, and it has been brilliant. Laying the table is so much easier (the kids can just pick up the jugs and carry them over to lay out), there is less jostling in the kitchen during the morning rush for breakfast, and unloading the dishwasher is easier too. I even quite like the look of the silver, glass and white on the counter!

What little thing have you done around your home lately that has made life easier?


ally said...

I reorganised our cutlery drawer this week and was so impressed I took a photo and put it on IG!!!
Seriously - its made life soooo much better
Yours is prettier though

My Verandah said...

We spent a bit of time over the school holidays getting to all of those little jobs that are easily overlooked. It has made a huge difference and hopefully I'm on a roll!

Zara said...

We've done a similar thing here with our silverware storing them in old loaf tins on the benchtop.