Monday, July 23, 2012

Kelly's house tour - a home with heart

On Friday morning I was invited around to my friend Kelly's house for morning tea. I just had to pop in my camera so I could share with you a few photos from her gorgeous home.  Kelly's home is just like her - warm, inviting and full of love.  Kelly and her husband Gavin, a photographer, have three young boys and their home is a place where beautiful artwork and Gavin's amazing framed photos sit quite happily alongside the kids' colourful paintings and toys.

Kelly has recently been bitten by the thrifting bug and now likes nothing better than discovering second hand bargains and either enjoying their old patina just as it is or transforming them with a lick of paint to fit into rooms.

We love how cheerful and stylish these National Geographic spines look with the vase of lemons and cute vintage tin.

A mix of browns and black and lots of different textures creates a great curl-up corner of Kelly's lounge room.

Sweet little succulants in old tea cups add a quirky touch.

Funky lights above the dining table.

Three colourful Stokke chairs for Kelly's three beautiful boys.

The perfect way to store drawing materials on the cupboards in the dining room.

Who doesn't love a chalkboard to write up shopping lists and important dates and to keep the kids amused?

A wall of photos taken of the 3 boys each year of their life. Such a great way to see how they grow and compare similarities and differences!

The beautiful restful master bedroom. The doily on the chair is one of many that Kelly has inherited from her Grandmother. She plans to have a selection of them framed.

A great mix of pretty things.

A stylish and practical room for a boy.

Who needs a bookshelf when you can display favourite stories in an old suitcase?

The cool headdress was purchased on an overseas holiday.

Thank you Kelly for a scrummy monring tea and for letting me photograph your house. I could hang out in in your beautiful home all day!


Gavin Blue said...

.....My wife has standing orders that chocolate is at the top of every shopping list. GB

mondocherry said...

But of course Gavin. Chocolate is at the top of every woman's shopping list!

Kamini from Saffron Marigold said...

Lovely house tour. Never thought of painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint. How fun! said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely pics. Very inspiring. Bente

Josie Upfield said...

The house of Blue! Always a welcoming and beautiful place to visit. What a fabulous job you have done creating a gorgeous home filled with treasures & love Kelly.

Alison said...

Just came across your blog and think it is great! Thank you for the lovely ideas. Maybe we can share together. Check my blog at
Enjoy the day!

Sandrine said...

Hello :)how gorgeous!I feel totally inspired to start moving things around here now :)hehe
I fell of the blogsphere and slowly catching up, it is all beautiful as usual and I LOVE your website,specially the sofa and cushion so well done!