Thursday, August 2, 2012

cabbages and tea...

The other day I was walking past a garden centre and couldn't reisist buying myself an ornamental kale plant. I don't really know why I am drawn to this plant as much as I am - maybe it is the beautiful varigated colour or the way the leaves are all crinkly around the edges. Whatever it is, I just love it!

Once I got it home it reminded me to get out an old tea set from the back of the cupbaord that hasn't been used for ages. I love the shape of this cabbage-y tea set, especially the milk jug and sugar pot, but unfortunately I seem to have lost the lid for the teapot in our move. I'm hoping I can track  replacement down somehow - any ideas on where to start?


Christine said...

Hi Clare,
I love those plants too - I always admire them at the nursery.

What brand is the tea set - I believe there are some websites that will track down missing pieces of china sets although I have not used them (to date!!)

Good luck
Christine xo

Anonymous said...

How about or ebay.

Good luck!

Naturally Carol said...

I adore the fresh green and white of your curly kale! If you can't find the lid of that teapot, it would make an excellent planter for your kale.