Friday, August 17, 2012


What do you do when you have a million and one things on your to-do list? Why you paint rocks of course! A least that is what I have been doing to avoid my much neglected ironing pile, the pile of school and kindy papers that need sorting, and the oven that could do with a clean. I am usually pretty good about doing my jobs, but just sometimes (when the lists gets too long and I can't decide which job is most urgent or more important) I look for a way out, and painting rocks is one of my very favourite procrastination methods! I find it so relaxing.

I used pens for these ones - no mess to clean up and easy to get fine detail.

I'm all out of rocks now though, so I'm interested... what's your procrastination method of choice? I'm after some new ideas!


Japolina said...

What kind of pen? Paint pen? They look gorgeous!

Katherine Wolak said...

Blogging! Kinda... :P Its also where all my inspiration comes from! :)


Tabatha said...

How fantastic!!! Me? You mean like right now? When there's dishes or ironing? I watch The Hunger Games :-)

ross: cross-stitch designer said...

belli ed eleganti! mi piacciono molto!!!
un saluto

Anonymous said...

I read blogs :)