Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a little keepsake...

Without a doubt the highlight of my 4 year old daughter's week is her ballet class.  She cannot wait for Wednesdays to roll around each week so she can put on her little pink leotard and dance with her friends. Even when we are just at home she regularly dresses up and twirls around the house.  My Sienna is about as girly as any girl can get!  I have to say I was initially apprehensive to enroll her in ballet after many years of doing ballet myself as a child and teenager with quite a strict teacher. Stepping into the dance hall for the first time with my little girl bought back some nervous memories of ballet exams etc.  However Sienna's ballet teacher is warm and nurturing and lots of fun and the girls just adore her.
Sienna has finally outgrown her first pair of ballet shoes so we decided to put them in a little box frame along with a photo of her first ballet class - that's my little poppet 2nd from the left, turning around! 

I obviously have a thing for framing little shoes as we also have a pair each of my son and daughter's first baby shoes framed in the hallway.  Such a lovely keepsake and a reminder of how quickly they grow.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kelly's house tour - a home with heart

On Friday morning I was invited around to my friend Kelly's house for morning tea. I just had to pop in my camera so I could share with you a few photos from her gorgeous home.  Kelly's home is just like her - warm, inviting and full of love.  Kelly and her husband Gavin, a photographer, have three young boys and their home is a place where beautiful artwork and Gavin's amazing framed photos sit quite happily alongside the kids' colourful paintings and toys.

Kelly has recently been bitten by the thrifting bug and now likes nothing better than discovering second hand bargains and either enjoying their old patina just as it is or transforming them with a lick of paint to fit into rooms.

We love how cheerful and stylish these National Geographic spines look with the vase of lemons and cute vintage tin.

A mix of browns and black and lots of different textures creates a great curl-up corner of Kelly's lounge room.

Sweet little succulants in old tea cups add a quirky touch.

Funky lights above the dining table.

Three colourful Stokke chairs for Kelly's three beautiful boys.

The perfect way to store drawing materials on the cupboards in the dining room.

Who doesn't love a chalkboard to write up shopping lists and important dates and to keep the kids amused?

A wall of photos taken of the 3 boys each year of their life. Such a great way to see how they grow and compare similarities and differences!

The beautiful restful master bedroom. The doily on the chair is one of many that Kelly has inherited from her Grandmother. She plans to have a selection of them framed.

A great mix of pretty things.

A stylish and practical room for a boy.

Who needs a bookshelf when you can display favourite stories in an old suitcase?

The cool headdress was purchased on an overseas holiday.

Thank you Kelly for a scrummy monring tea and for letting me photograph your house. I could hang out in in your beautiful home all day!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

gorgeous greens and beautiful blues...

Blue and green are such popular decorating colours and it is easy to see why - they are relaxing to live with, easy to decorate with, and and there is a shade to suit just about everyone. Sue has always been a chine blue fan, Joy adores the aqua and turquoise shades, and Clare is currently loving fresh apple green. Do you have a favourite shade of blue or green?

Our petal cushions in blue, green and sea glass.
Joy's collection of aqua and turquoise ceramics.
Our vintage butterflies in duck egg, green liberty button and apple green blossom artworks all work well together. 
A page form our scrapbook and playing around with watercolours.

Monday, July 16, 2012

making changes...

That old saying 'a change is as good as a holiday' has a bit of truth in it. While I would have preferred lying by the beach on a tropical island or exploring the lane ways of Paris, I have still really enjoyed rearranging all the furniture in my guest room around! I started off by moving the bed under the window which makes it more of a focal point.  I used my new chair for inspiration for the colour scheme and was delighted to find some of the same fabric with which I made a matching cushion. The $15 yellow shade from Target ties in perfectly and has brightened the whole room up.

I made this cushion from an vintage tablecloth that had some stains that just wouldn't come out. This was a great way to still appreciate all that beautiful embroidery.

No room is quite finished until it has some flowers. These peonies tie in with the existing artwork above it.
If you are feeling in need of a holiday, but it isn't going to happen, why not change a room around instead.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

it's the little things...

 It is always fun to rearrange furniture and give a room a brand new look, but sometimes it is the little things you do around the house that make everyday living a whole lot easier and more pleasant. Our everyday cutlery is a perfect example. Our rental kitchen has one of the smallest cutlery drawers I have ever seen and so it was always a total jumble of knives, forks and spoons after all 8 of us had rummaged throughout the day for the utensil we wanted. The drawer also fell right out if you pulled it too far and broken toes were almost inevitable at some point in the near future. So, one day I grabbed a bunch of the glass jugs I have collected up from second hand stores and sorted the cutlery between them, and it has been brilliant. Laying the table is so much easier (the kids can just pick up the jugs and carry them over to lay out), there is less jostling in the kitchen during the morning rush for breakfast, and unloading the dishwasher is easier too. I even quite like the look of the silver, glass and white on the counter!

What little thing have you done around your home lately that has made life easier?

Monday, July 9, 2012

a colourful week...

 We will be surrounded by beautiful colours all this week as we have a number of new projects on the go. We love getting the chance to experiment and let our creative juices flow. Sometimes an idea will work, sometimes it doesn't quite make the cut but, either way, it is always lots of fun! It is impossible not to enjoy the process with all these gorgeous happy colours.

Even our web-shop is super colourful at the moment - click here to view our carnival brights collection.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

from sketch to screen...

We've had a super busy day creating new designs for our fabric range. We generally start off sketching out ideas on paper, before drawing them onto a computer tablet. Then the fun begins! We throw in all sorts of colours to get a feel for what the fabrics might look like and edit the designs multiple times to perfect the flow and fix all the little imperfections. We then fiddle around with repeats (not our favourite part!) and work out the sizing before sending it off to have samples printed.

Here's one of our rough doodles done over a cup of coffee...

And here is the first computer draft with a few colours added so we can see whether it is going to work... Lots still to do!!

We are very pleased to be expanding our fabric range and with some more exciting happenings on the horizon, it is going to be a bit of a crazy month. We can't wait!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

berry good...

These gorgeous red berries make a nice change from flowers and are adding a bit of winter colour to my mondocherry studio room on this grey Melbourne day. I've got lots of paperwork and emails to do this afternoon so need something pretty nearby to keep me motivated! What's on your desk today?