Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the finishing touches...

Have you ever bought a new car, only to suddenly see the same make and model driving everywhere when you had never really noticed them before? Or, you find out you are pregnant and then notice that every second person at the shopping centre seems to have a baby bump?! Well, since I decided on the colours to redecorate my new main bedroom, I am seeing grey, pale pink and sea green everywhere! We have ripped off all the old wallpaper (what a job that was!) and I've been picking up a few bits and pieces to tie the whole scheme together - that's the part I find the most fun!

Pretty picture frames
Gorgeous bowls in the perfect colours to hold so of the bits and bobs on my dresser.

Joy x

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Amanda said...

All lovely finds! My daughter's nursery is decorated in grey, pale pink and a mint/ seagreen also and it's such a calming colour combination. I love those frames above... are they something you stock in your shop?