Monday, March 25, 2013

using what I have for an Easter display...

It seems that I used to have a lot more time to make, bake and decorate for Easter. I'm not sure if you are feeling the same way, but this term seems to have been particularly busy and I can't believe how quickly Easter has crept up. This morning I was feeling just a little guilty I hadn't done anything special, so I 'shopped' from my home and found a few bits and pieces - an off cut of artificial grass (thanks Kelly!), a ceramic bunny, a bunch of pretty tulips, some old Scrabble letters and my collection of hand painted, wooden eggs - to put together a display for my hall table.

I love these eggs...I'm sticking to a soft palette of pinks, cream and golds for my collection.

My kids were thrilled with the little vignette and I was reminded that we don't always have to invest heaps of time or money into making a holiday or event feel special.

Joy xx


Anonymous said...

THose eggs are gorgeous. What a lovely display. G.x

reread said...

Cute, who doesn't love a bunny?

ally said...

Lovely display - I love your bunny
I don''t think we've ever put up displays for Easter - other than the school craft that comes home
This year I'm getting lots of lovely Easter mail - I might put that up!

Emma said...

I collect those eggs too - gorgeous!