Tuesday, May 28, 2013

in our window - greens...

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We've gone green for our shop window display this week.  We've found many people shy away from decorating with green because of they find mixing the different shades a little tricky. Inspired by the range of greens you find in a garden, we've used a variety of shades in our 3d blossom heart artwork (along with a touch of yellow and turquoise) and we think they sit quite happily together.

Hanging plants framing the top of the window.

The view from the street. We love the welcoming twinkle from our much-admired chandeliers from Cape Cod Designs
What are your thoughts on mixing greens?

the mondocherry girls xxx


chiCATes said...

Loved it! great post!

Rachel Callaghan said...

This is so scrumptious. You know - I think the turquoise and yellow are really important in this mix. I think green on green works best if they have a similar base, ie - yellow based olives and chartreuse, or blue based turquoise and jade. No rules!!