Sunday, July 28, 2013

dreaming of summer...

It may well be the middle of winter but I was dreaming of hot summer days as I sat designing some hand stitched felt treats for our mini mondo collection.  A range of yummy icy pole flavours - Choc dipped (with sprinkles!), strawberry, orange and fruity-tropical - transported me to a place warm and wonderful.  

Watch out for these felt treats (and more new mini mondo designs) popping up in our online shop and Malvern store soon.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  

Joy x


Rachel Callaghan said...

These look good enough to eat, and certainly good enough to have in a frame!! Will look forward to seeing what you do with them. They are just gorgeous!! Rx

Daisy Ethington said...

These are so cute!!

Christie Wilkin said...

I would have to say that these are "Soulemama" worthy or even better! Very pretty and fun ... and a dose of summer is always appreciated this time of year.