Saturday, July 27, 2013

the art of distraction...

When you live in a rental house you have three options...
1. apply to redecorate to your taste
2. decorate around the existing decor
3. apply the art of distraction.

I have taken the third option for my very brown '70's kitchen. The landlord wasn't keen for us to paint (would have been very expensive anyway) and I didn't want to change my style for a temporary home, so distraction it had to be. Luckily these colourful Ñanduti are just the thing!  Ñanduti , or spider-web lace, is one of Paraguay's traditional crafts and I just love the incredible detail and intricate designs.

The design is first sketched onto paper and then transferred onto a linen cloth stretched over a wooden frame. Fine cotton thread is used for the weaving and once finished, the lace is carefully cut away form the line cloth and then starched.

My favourite corner of the kitchen - gorgeous Ñanduti lace and my Nespresso machine!

I purchased my Ñanduti  from The Trading Circle which is an initiative to help women in Asia, Africa and South America trade out of poverty - such a great cause.

Clare x


Anonymous said...

Clare, do you know when The Trading Circle website is likely to be available to the general public? It currently indicates that the site is coming soon. Or is there a distributor which we can purchase the nanduti lace from?

mondocherry said...

They have stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Toowoomba and Auckland. This link has all the contact details.
Clare x

Anonymous said...

I would love to purchase this beautiful lace. I'm in the us. Is it available here, do you know?? Thanks, and I love your blog! You're so creative!!