Tuesday, August 27, 2013

kindergarton art for an auction night...

I was asked to help organise the artwork for the four groups at my daughter's kindy all to be auctioned off at an upcoming parent fundraising evening. I absolutely adore children's artworks and particularly the way they they represent themselves in the early childhood years. As an former teacher I had a few art ideas up my sleeve, but I sometimes think simple is best when working with larger numbers of kids on a collaborative project.

My gorgeous friend, Dominique (a fellow parent who dobbed me in for this project!) and I worked together with the children to create their mini self portraits on squares of card in a three step process. Firstly they drew their outline in a black Sharpie pen, they then coloured in their picture using wax crayons, and finally the whole square was washed over with an edicol dye mixture which allows the crayon to come through.

Stitched onto a black border and framed in a simple grid pattern, the bright colours and the children's beautiful individual portraits really shine. I know the kids will be really proud of their work and hopefully the parents will love them too!

Joy x

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Marion said...

This is awesome! Well done :)