Tuesday, September 3, 2013

colouring in...

I recently bought a new colouring book ("Secret Garden" by Johanna Basford) after I fell in love with the intricate drawings.  I sat down with my 4 girls after dinner a couple of nights ago, each with a different picture to colour, and 2 hours later we were all still sitting there happily colouring and chatting away. (Even my eldest son followed the sound of us laughing and ended up sitting at the table playing us his favourite songs) I think I was enjoying myself just as much as the kids were! 

We used sparkly pens instead of felt pens which took longer but meant that we could keep the gorgeous detail. The hardest part was choosing which picture to colour as they are all so delightful.

When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed a bit of colouring in? It is very therapeutic!

Clare x


Rachel Callaghan said...

This looks perfect! When I was little, we used to spend hours colouring in 'doodle art' pictures. These days when you ask for those books the young shop assistants look at you sideways!! Another book you might like has just been produced called '1,000 join the dots', (or is it dot to dots??). The dots join to make amazing portraits. I have two on order. Can't wait to get in to that with the kids. Only NZ$25.

Rachel Callaghan said...

ps - the book is called 1,000 Dot to Dots. It is fabulous! Each portrait has 1,000 dots to join. Each picture is of a famous person, and we have found that any member of the family can pick up where the last one left off, if you use the same 0.4 ink pen. really addictive!! Can get you the ISBN number if you are interested. Rx

mondocherry said...

Thnaks Rachel. I found the dot to dot book on Amazon and it looks amazing. I think It might put it on the kid's Christmas list..could keep them busy for a while. I love the idea of all being able to contribute to finishing a portratit.
Clare x