Monday, September 23, 2013

moving on...

Hello! Yes, we are still here. Apologies for the extended absence... life has been even busier than usual over the last few weeks and a miserable early-spring flu hasn't helped matters.

My family is on the move again, but only locally this time. Our landlord decided he wanted to move back into this house, so we are packing up and looking for a new place to live. Not an easy task to find somewhere for a family of 8, with two bunnies, a drum kit, a trampoline,and a studio full of vintage books! Before the rooms in this house become completely buried under packing boxes, I decided to take a few photos for posterity. It is always fun to go back through old photos and remember all the houses we have lived in.

Here are a few photos of the bedroom occupied by my two youngest daughters (age 6 and 3). It was a tricky room to decorate as it is very small, with a bricked in corner fireplace and no built-in wardrobe.

I bought this vintage cane chair for a mere $20 last year and am still undecided whether to paint it or not. It becomes a throne when the girls play princess dress ups!

I decided to cosy up the room, and bring down the very high ceilings, by hanging these coloured parasols left over from a party way back here. They spin very gently when there is a breeze and give the girls something pretty to look at while they go to sleep. 

With no room for a bookshelf in the room, I repurposed an old plant stand bought at a garage sale years ago. The top shelf holds their favourite Topsy and Tim books - an English series that Joy and I loved as little girls.
Have you taken photos of what your house looks like now to remember in years to come?

Clare x

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