Tuesday, March 18, 2014

it has been how long?...

Hello again! Time has absolutely flown by since our last post (way back in October...agghhh!) but we are back blogging again. Thanks so much to all those who have let us know they missed us - it has felt like a little part of us has been missing since we let our blog slip by the wayside. We have been keeping ourselves busy though - in the months since we last posted we have, between the three of us, moved into new houses (Clare and Sue), had a baby (Joy), had a puppy join the family (Clare), got through the crazy last term of school (Clare and Joy), had one child start Prep (Joy), have three children move to new schools (Clare), started major house renovations (Joy), as well running our shop, homes and families, and dreaming up new art and fabric designs. No wonder we all feel a little crazy!

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the mondocherry girls xxx


Rachel Callaghan said...

I have missed your blog popping up on my screen with a new post!! Is always the one I open if I only have limited time. Quite understandable that real life has got ion the way of the blogosphere, by the sounds of things. You can all be excused, and go and have a nice cup of tea and bikkie for goodness sake!! Best wishes, Rachel

beaverphyllis said...

I, like many others it seems, have missed you, too! In fact, just last week I again took a look at your Blog thinking that I must be looking at the wrong address! You are certainly excused after reading what all of you women have done in these last few months! I truly do not know how you keep up with your business life and/or your families! You are "Superwomen!" The Blog will be here if/when you have the time. So glad you are all doing so well! There is truly too much social media with which to keep up! My best to all of you, Phyllis