Tuesday, April 1, 2014

playing with paint...

We've been playing around with paint over the last few days and having a wonderful time. We haven't used much paint in our artwroks before so it has been fun to experiment with a few different ideas. There is something very therapeutic about painting, especially using watercolours. Seeing the colours  merge into each other and create new colours and patterns never gets boring and we even love watching the paint from the brush swirl through the jar of water.  

These linen-covered buttons, each hand-painted, are the start of an extra large (1m x 1m) artwork. Lots more still to go!

Getting there - we do lots of squinting and take lots of photos when we get to this stage in creating a new artwork. It is amazing how it helps in balancing colour and creating movement in a piece. We must look pretty funny while we do it though!

Close up  - each button is individually painted so no two are the same.

We are totally incapable of designing and creating without also making a huge mess! Tell us we aren't the only ones...

Joy and Clare xx

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Jenny Ekberg said...

Oh wow, this is so cool! I am a hobby jewellery maker and am interested in everything DIY.

I am originally from Sweden, a neuroscientist and lecturer at QUT; I have lived here for 13 years now and this city is now Home. I write a blog called Lily of the Valley Brisbane together with some friends, also Brisbanites, some born here, others from elsewhere but have lived here for some time. I love Brisbane's hills, its Queenslander houses, the way the moon hangs so low in the sky, the multiculturalism, and most of all, the People of Brisbane. There is something about Brisbanites; a mix of compassion of humor that I have never before come across.

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